Save Money While harnessing New Payment Technology

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In this presentation, we will show you as true consultants,  how you can save money on merchant services whether it is trough traditional card processing or using the newest technology around. We will explain why “Your Bank is not your friend when it comes to Interchange”.

“Most” banks issue credit cards .  99% of what you pay on your merchant statement is Interchange – so when it comes to “Optimizing” Interchange your bank is not going to do that as they make far too much money from it . However, NPS has banking partners who do not issue credit cards and by using our gateways we help you optimize Interchange which will result in reducing your fees up to 1% in some case and in other cases more!  We also have a 0% fee option as well that we will introduce you to.  No matter what you choose, you win!  Do not miss this presentation!


Allen Kopelman

Allen Co-Founded Nationwide Payment Systems Inc. in 2001, with the plan to sell credit card processing services and equipment to merchants in the South Florida area and provide concierge style service for each client. Quickly the company grew to 1000 plus clients and we were had clients all over the United States.

The entrepreneurial bug started early in Allen’s life as comes from a family of business owners and learn about business from early age behind the cash registers at his fathers clothing stores in Miami. Later going to Culinary School in Atlanta and being a Chef, then Executive Chef for Metro Hotels in Dallas, Texas running food and beverage operations in Hotels. In 1992 a move back to Florida and opening a restaurant, catering company and consulting group.

After gaining a couple of years of experience selling merchant services, Allen Co-Founded Nationwide Payment Systems with David Burney. Together the company started and quickly grew, products were added, processing banks and the company became laser focused on technology that would help merchants. Along with that came a focus on hard to place businesses that many banks did not want to work with.

Allen and David serve on several industry advisory boards and are involved in supporting many local charities in the South Florida area.

We work with a variety of merchants of all sizes in a variety of industries and we work with several front-end processors and banks which enables us to work with just about any hardware, software and business type and risk levels from Low Risk to High Risk Merchants.

Providing merchant accounts to business owners over the last 18 plus years, gives us insight into many different types of businesses, technology, trends, rules and regulations. We regularly attend industry trade shows

We are your consultants into the world of processing matching your business with the best processor, bank, pricing and technology to make your business run smooth, efficient and be cost conscious.

We will explain everything to you in layman’s terms, so the business owner can understand what all the technology options are and make the best decisions for your business.

Contact Allen:

Allen Kopelman CEO, CPC

Nationwide Payment Systems Inc.

1500 W Cypress Creek Road, Suite 503

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

(954) 478-7714 – Direct

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