Jeff Tesch- Sell Firearms Online

Jeff Tesch- A Better Way to Sell Your Firearms Online 


Jeff’s Presentation will focus on the newest and most affordable way to sell firearms online for you the pawnbrokers.  Over the years, the team talked to thousands of gun enthusiasts, store owners, manufacturers, and organizations. It became apparent that the process of buying a gun online was too cumbersome, slow, and costly and confusing. We set about to change that. And so, we began the process of building a better way to buy guns online – one that brought ease and savings to customers, while protecting and growing local gun store owner revenue.  


Jeff has been in the firearms industry since May of 1999 serving primarily independent firearms and pawn retailers.  He has served in both Sales Professional and Regional Manager roles for one of the largest shooting sports distributors in the US. During his tenure he has witnessed significant change in the firearms retail environment from the big box blitz of the early 2000’s to the internet sales impact of today. During these challenging times he has helped retailers increase firearms sales and drive profitability.

In his recent role as Director of Business Development at Jeff spends time working with independent retailers to start or improve their firearms marketplace strategy by helping them gain national exposure for their firearms inventory.  Retailers today are under significant pressure from online sales and is providing a platform where they can compete.

If you’re looking to expand your consumer audience with the firearms marketplace that reduces your labor investment with very reasonable sellers’ fees reach out to Jeff Tesch at today.  

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