Brad Borkhuis Pawn Work Life Balance

Most people start their own business for a “better quality life”, “no boss”, and to “do what they love for work every day”.  But the reality in America today is that almost 80% of owners are not able to take a 1 week vacation and have become a slave to their own creation. So much so in this industry that they are not even able to attend a pawn convention for 2-3 days unless they close their store.  We feel that this is a travesty and something that can easily be changed. 

The Presentation

Brad Borkhuis will teach you how to love what you do again, have work life balance, and freedom in your creation.  You will not have to worry about closing your business just to have a day off.  You can rest assure that you will leave Brad’s workshop with a clear definition of all of the pain points that you have in your business as well as what causes them, a road map for overcoming those pain points, and a defined plan with actionable steps to see measurable and desirable change in your business.  You will no longer need to be a slave to your business because Brad will teach you how to be the king instead. 

Find out more about Brad and his background of success here.

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