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Like it or not,  Crypto currency is becoming more and more mainstream and is not going away.  As your customers evolve in the pawn industry, you need to evolve with them. In this presentation, you will learn that with Bitcoin ATM’s, we provide a turnkey business model that has been proven to make money for business owners like you. We provide all the compliance, bitcoin acquisition, technical support, customer support, online and local marketing, and will provide a quick cash management training for all licensees. Anyone can do it. We aren’t licensing a device, we are licensing an entire business that is proven and handle all the heavy lifting for you. Being a bitcoin ATM licensing ensures you have all the support and resources to ensure your bitcoin ATM business is extremely profitable.  


Brannen Mehaffey, CEO and Founder Of BASH Brand Bitcoin ATMs 

Brannen Mehaffey, CEO and Founder Of BASH Brand Bitcoin ATMs started out as a young “ethical hacker” who was employed in high level security and IT positions. His jobs had an assortment of titles, but they all served the purpose of protecting clients from potential harm through security in information technologies.

In other words he was entrusted with the task of fending off would-be-malicious-attackers by identifying vulnerabilities- to stop loss before it occurred.

Ironically, Brannen was introduced to Bitcoin when a client fell victim to a ransomware attack. The victim was ordered to pay a sum in bitcoin to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Brannen saw a vulnerable world that could stem from this type of attack. Bitcoin was cryptographically secure, fast, nearly anonymous and was a very tempting tool for opportunistic criminals.

In order to understand and get in front of the problem, Brannen learned to mine large quantities of Bitcoin. In very short time, Brannen grew a reputation as a trusted trader and had consistent profits that were substantial in size.

Brannen quickly grew busy with trades all over Texas and he could not manage the volume that his clients demanded of him. 

In 2018 Brannen invested in his first batch of bitcoin ATMs and had them placed at businesses across Texas. Quickly seeing profits, it seemed to be the perfect business. One month into his ATM operations a thief took a sledge hammer to one of his machines, and quickly opened it up, stole a thousand dollars cash and permanently disabled the machine.

This negative experience was a pivotal point. Brannen knew he had to create a machine that could withstand a sledgehammer attack.

BASH Brand Bitcoin ATMs were crafted for this exact reason. Bash ATM’s are almost indestructible.


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