Diamond Fundamentals Hands on Workshop

Diamond Fundamentals Workshop – Hands-On Trading Including Lab-Grown

Wednesday, September 30th – 3:30 PM

Can you and your staff tell the difference?

If you can’t, come to Bluestone Trading’s diamond fundamentals presentation. This is a must-attend for all professionals in the second-hand diamond and jewelry market. Here you will learn the diamond tricks of the trade. From moissanite to filled and drilled to lab-grown diamond detection; Ritchie Grampp Jr. has seen it all, and wants to save you from expensive mistakes and upset customers. After a presentation on diamond fundamentals and lab-grown diamonds, the floor will be open for a hands-on lab with samples of natural, lab-grown, and enhanced diamonds. With Bluestone Trading’s recourses and staff for support, you will walk away with…



Ritchie Grampp Jr. grew up on Cleveland’s Eastside in Gates Mills. At 32 years old, he is the President of Bluestone Trading Company, Inc., and the lead buyer of diamonds and estate jewelry. One of 9 children, he rose to a leading position and runs Bluestone Trading with his father RB Grampp Sr. His interests include entrepreneurship, dirt biking, and, of course, diamonds and estate jewelry.

He is an active member of EO, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a network of over 14,000 entrepreneurs globally, and attends chapter meetings regularly. Ritchie places immense focus on growing his skill set and experience as well as his employees’ through professional development. This has led to both himself and his staff taking GIA classes and receiving their accreditations as Diamond Graduates and Accredited Jewelry Professionals.

Ritchie has received both accreditations, A.J.P. and G.D., and has spent weeks at the famous GIA laboratory in Carlsbad, CA for GIA training. Graduating at the top of his Diamond Graduate class after receiving a perfect score, he accredited it to living and breathing diamonds his entire life.

He places extreme focus on helping the industry through education and presents across the country on diamond fundamentals and synthetic, lab-grown, and enhanced diamond detection.

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