How Is This Pawn Conference Different?

While every pawn conference and convention have their own unique identifiers and things that make it unique and special, we feel that our event is unparalleled and is the future of events and conventions! We know this to be true because others are already trying to mirror image many of the things that make the Pawn Advisory Conference different.  So how are we different than the other awesome conferences that exist?  We would love to tell you how!

We believe that you as pawnbrokers should attend every single event and conference possible because what can be gained can change your life forever in one instance.  We realize that funds to do so can be limited so we want to take the time to tell you how this event is different and special.  We guarantee it will be talked about for a long time and others will try to copy this unique format.  Here is how we differ from the other conventions and conferences.

No Vendor Forum or Exhibitor Hall– This event is the first of its kind convention in the pawn industry that does not have an exhibitor hall and that is gears towards education only and not “selling” to the pawnbrokers.  That means no high-pressure sales or pushes to hire the vendors.  It also means that they won’t feel pressured to hire the referrals from the vendors that the pawnbrokers have been dissatisfied with for years.  They do not have to worry about kickbacks or “fluff” at this event, only to come, learn, make more money, grow their business, and keep more of that wealth for themselves.

The Biggest Names & Professionals in the Industry– The presenters at this event are without questions the largest and highest volume at what they do to help pawnbrokers.  Whether it is PawnMaster, Podium, Stallcup Group, Devoted Pawn Consulting, Pawn Compliance, or others, you will have the best in the business educating and training you on things that will take you pawn business to the next level.

New Professionals Brought into the Industry– For years, clients have asked us for more vendors that can help them.  At the top of the list has always been benefits and wealth management.  In this convention you will get both and they are brought to you to improve your business and quality of life!  We are even actively pushing to get them to be part of the National Convention scene.

Fresh Faces and Huge Names Presenting– Even though we have the biggest names in the business, and they are best of the best at what they do, most have never ever presented to a national audience.  We feel that is a shame and its time for the national audience to see what they have to offer and see what the regional shows have known for year.  Times are changing and its time for the pawn industry to embrace that change for the good.

You Don’t Have to Decide Between Presentations– Another frustration for the pawnbrokers that this event addresses are that you no longer have to decide which presentation you want to see the most because more than one presenter is speaking at the same time.  All of our presenters will be on the stage alone and every attendee gets to see them live!

United Unselfish Effort to Help the Pawnbrokers and This Industry– When we planned this event, we never realized how unified each and every presenter would be and how dedicated they are to helping the industry even at their own expense.  Every single presenter has gone above and beyond to help others and they all feel that this is essential to success.  These are the kind of people that we are proud to refer our clients to.

In summary,the goal of the pawn conference from inception has been to be different and also more beneficial in terms of informational application.  Just hearing the same old chatter and not applying it is no longer a good use of time.  We have ensured no posturing to move product or services and eliminated the hated “kick-back” for referring business to others at your expense.  We are offering a true consultative approach in terms of information to educate and not position any of the businesses speakers at the event to sell to you the pawnbroker.  This is a far cry different than any other event in the industry.  This event has only the top names in the industry delivering expertise, use cases and best practice.  There are no side partnership deals to promote one service or another. We truly believe that you should attend all of the major conventions out there but if you can only attend one, then it should be this event!  To find out more about the amazing conference, please visit our presenters page, and to attend, please register here!

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