Jerry Cravatt- More Money at Tax Time in Your Pawnshop

Jerry Cravatt


Jerry Cravatt, the Chief Operating Officer and Area Manager for The Pawnshop and Tax Service, that has three locations in Pensacola, Florida. He has been in the Pawn Industry since 2000 and preparing tax returns since 2002.  He is an expert when it comes to helping your pawnshop make more money by adding tax services to your existing clients!

The Pawnbroker Presentation

With our proven business model of 17 years of continued success, we are providing a new revenue source for you to prepare tax returns for your already existing and future customers. With a proven track record in both the pawn and tax service industry, we offer a strategic plan that will generate a new revenue source for your existing pawn shop. We explain this best through what we have named, “The Revenue Cycle”. This entails Pawn customers crossing into tax customers, then receiving tax refunds, in to which they return back to the pawn customer side with a more committed approach to pawn relationship.  We can get them to spend their refunds with you and more. We find that this commitment shows through these customers, a lower than average default ratio. With the average tax preparation fees just over $300.00, each one of your existing pawn customers can turn into an enormous income potential for your business.

We offer marketing strategies, year round client service and support, year round technical support, tax preparation training online and in class training so getting your store up and running is a snap!

I’m sure your asking, “what’s the catch”, or “how do I start preparing taxes in my pawn shop”.   Find out more in September!

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