Pawn Conference Schedule Change

With all of the events and happenings in the world and in the state of Florida over the past few weeks,the Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort has forced us to postpone the Pawn Conference to the dates of September 30th– October 2nd.  Sadly, we have no choice but to comply and agree to move this event and these are the best available dates with all the other events and other postponements that are rescheduling.  This move will allow us to protect the safety and well being of the 130+ that have registered to be part of this event.  The resort has promised to transfer the funds given to them from us via sponsor and pawnbroker registrations fees to our new September date so we are set to go and there should be no issues.  We will have also been able to reschedule the dinner yacht for those dates.   We can expect the same temperatures and type of weather as May would be, and best of all it allows all of those who wanted to register this month and next but were too afraid to because of the virus scare to do so now!   Thank you for your patience and understanding and remember that now more than ever, we need to ban together for the good of the pawnbrokers and the pawn industry!  We will ensure that this is another world class event!


Pawn Conference Staff, Devoted Pawn Consulting, Wexler, and Stallcup Group

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