Instant Tax Relief For Business Owners

Keep More of What You Earn- Strategies for leveraging tax benefits in your business toward a lifetime of tax-free income in retirement.

Instant Tax Relief for Pawn Owners is an eye-opening look at the secrets to beating the IRS — legally, morally, and ethically. You’ll learn the ten most expensive tax mistakes shop owners make that can cost you thousands in taxes you don’t need to pay. You’ll learn how to leverage specific strategies minimize or eliminate IRS headwinds with your business, your real estate, and your exit strategies. You’ll discover what 99% of CPAs don’t ever do with their clients. You’ll even enjoy some laughs along the way, courtesy of the humor that led Roseanne Barr and CNN to dub Ed Lyon “the funniest tax guy in America.”  Do not miss this one!

Ed Lyon Bio

– Ed specializes in advising small business owners with strategies for preserving their retirement savings, increasing their retirement income & leaving a financial legacy for their family & community. He enjoys showing owners how to take advantage of little-known tax strategies for extracting tax benefits from their business, and leveraging these savings toward tax-free wealth in retirement. He also enjoys teaching retirees the latest strategies for ensuring a lifetime income, safe from market volatility, which grows over time to keep up with inflation.

Matthew Pearson Bio 

Matthew Pearson-Tax Master

  • Member of the Tax Master Network
  • Founder of
  • Certified Business Coach-2006 Entrepreneur Coach of the Year
  • Sought after event speaker, speaking at over 650 events 
  • Author of Avoid the 10 Tax Mistakes Sabotaging your Small Business.
  • Over 20 years experience in helping business owners grow, sell their business and keep more money in their pocket every step of the way.

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