Rob Hennefer- SEO & Google Review Experts

Rob Hennefer- Grow Your Pawnshop Through SEO & Google Reviews

Rob Hennefer oversees product integrations and partnerships at Podium, where he helps software companies provide their customers with the tools to grow their businesses. Prior to joining Podium, Rob spent five years in the Private Equity industry, investing across a wide range of companies. Prior to that, Rob was a financial analyst at a global accounting firm where he first became interested in helping businesses grow.


Technology is changing the way businesses operate, and in no place is this more evident than consumer behavior. For local businesses like pawn shops, adapting to these changes will be critical to growth and success. The customer journey starts almost exclusively with Google search, so the method of being found and chosen by customers starts there as well.  Podium exists to help local business get found and chosen by modernizing the way businesses interact. We can help you understand what it takes to appear as a top result in Google searches, maximize your chances of getting chosen by customers, and interact with these customers seamlessly to drive reputation and learn from feedback.


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