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Vernon Stading- Advanced Pawn Training Retail Sales

Vernon Stading, the Founder of Devoted Pawn Consulting, is an expert at helping pawnshops and jewelry stores make more money, grow their loan balances, and increases sales.  His Trademarked and famous Pawn Process™ Training allows their average clients to see increases of 30% in loan balances, interest/service charges, and retail sales. 

Sales Training Presentation

As you know, growing in store retail sales is not as easy as it used to be.  The customer base seems to be smaller that it used to be the customers are more “educated” than ever on what the merchandise is “worth”.  Both things are not in our favor, but we will show you that you actually control your destiny in this area.  You can still see increases of 20-30% or higher in retail sales without spending any money at all! 

In this training, we will cover many things including:

Perfect Pricing – Having products priced incorrectly leads to two major issues in your business.  If the products are priced incorrectly and too high, you get aged inventory that doesn’t sell and decreases in value (perishables). In this scenario you lose tons of sales and profit margin as the items decrease in value.  The second scenario is that you are priced too low. In this scenario, you are leaving tons of money on the table.  We will not only teach you how to price your inventory perfectly for retail, but also online sales.  The training earlier in our process will also result in you being able to pull forfeited inventory as soon as legally possible without upsetting the customer.  This results in higher sales margins due to less depreciation.  This part is essential to your maximum profitability as this industry continues to change.

Merchandise to Sell– One of the biggest mistakes pawnbrokers make is not making their merchandise appealing to look at in the retail sales floor.  This costs you big time in sales!  Especially to your regular customers because they think they are seeing the same things.  We will teach you how to set your store up for success and how to often times turn your inventory twice as fast!   Sales is still your largest profit margin so imagine how much more money you can make with this process!

Make the Sale!– Often times in stores with clients, we see that one of the major areas lacking in education is the sales portion of the training.  Especially when it comes to high end items such as jewelry and purses etc.  How do you turn gawkers and “just browsing customers” into buyers.  Not only will I teach you how to do that, but I will teach you how to romance the jewelry sale and to sell your other perishable items without having to discount. Both of these mean more profit for you! It is very common for our clients to see increases in gross profit of 10% or higher on their overall sales increases of 30% or higher!

In addition to all of this amazing training, you will also learn even more!  We will also teach you how to market internally to your customers, and via social media which can be done  for little or no cost.   We cannot assume that our loan customers never buy items and that our sales customers never need cash fast.   We will show you proven marketing messages and signage that are sure to jump start your business into the new way of doing business.    This training will be a game changer for your business!

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