Dave Griffiths-Pawn Compliance Presentation


Since June of 1996, Dave has owned two pawnshops in CA and OR, spent 15 years on the board of the Oregon Pawnbrokers Assn. as the secretary/treasurer, and is involved in helping pass legislation at the state level. He regularly advises both the Oregon and Washington Pawnbrokers Associations and has written several articles for the National Pawnbroker Association’s magazine at their request. 

Since many precious metals dealers are and buyers are unaware of the federal guidelines they must follow, it is Dave’s job to educate them and get them in compliance before the IRS comes knocking. With over 160 clients in the US and Canada, he can help navigate through the local, state and federal regulations many find burdensome and confusing.

Whether you need help with local law enforcement and search and seizure issues, ATF audit assistance, employee handbook or safety manual updating, or are in need of getting all of your AML compliance in order, are have trouble with the Military Lending Act, or just want someone to bounce ideas off of, then look no further!  

You can reach Dave at 503-970-7739 or dave@theconsultants.us



What should your pawn compliance include?  This is one of the most common questions that we get asked. Should it include Anti-Money Laundering programs only, or all compliance items on a Federal Level. The biggest issue in the country right now is the AML program and most banks are requiring them now in order to keep, or open, a new account. Employee handbooks are an essential as are safety programs. Routine firearm audits are a must if you have an FFL. This stuff does not have to be difficult! We will discuss the bare minimums for the AML and the MLA and answer any questions you may have. Bottom line is you will sleep better at night if you are compliant. The first step is knowing what that entails. Dave, who is the best in the industry at what he does, will leave you in great shape when it comes to compliance in your pawnshop!  


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