Vernon Stading - Pawn Consultant

Vernon Stading-  Grow Your Loan Balance & Service Charges During Covid-19

Vernon Stading, the Founder of Devoted Pawn Consulting, is an expert at helping pawnshops and jewelry stores make more money, grow their loan balances, and increases sales.  His Trademarked and famous Pawn Process™ Training allows their average clients to see increases of 30% in loan balances, interest/service charges, and retail sales.  We Could not think of a better candidate to present on how your pawnshop can actually grow loans during Covid-19 when most pawnshops have seen major declines in your loan balance!

The Pawnbroker Presentation

As you know, growing the pawn balance is not as easy as it used to be.  The customer base seems to be smaller that it used to be the customers are more “educated” than ever on what their merchandise is “worth”.  If you then sprinkle in the fact that stimulus packages have gone out and many people are still receiving stimulus unemployment  supplements that give them more money per month than they used to make, those things are not in our favor.  Vernon will show you that you actually control your destiny in this area and how to use this environment to thrive!   You can still see increases of 20-30% or higher without spending any money at all! 

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