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RB Grampp Sr. founded Bluestone Trading Company Inc. in 1978. On the back of his motorcycle riding in the hustle and bustle of Cleveland Ohio, he seized the opportunity to enter the quickly escalating gold industry. Once RB firmly established himself in the gold industry, it was only natural to progress into the international diamond market. As a family run company, RB worked hard to instill his Midwestern values into his company and into his children. So, when RB Grampp Jr. decided to join his father, it was no surprise that he continued to carry on his father’s principles of hard work, honesty, and integrity. Times have changed, and so have we, by offering our no-cost memo services, free overnight shipping, same day wire service, and overnight check payments. While times have changed, one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s the principles on which Bluestone Trading was founded. The hard work, honesty, and integrity on which this company was built is present in all of our staff. We are a family, and we treat our clients like family. Our educated and diverse staff can cater to your needs with our large inventory of diamonds, studs, and estate jewelry. You can rest assured that Bluestone Trading has what you need.   

*Our buyers will be on site offering immediate payment for diamonds and jewelry of all sizes and qualities including modern, estate, and vintage jewelry signed or unsigned.

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