“Devoted Pawn is built on a promise of no kick backs, no need to ever hire us again and us giving you all the tools that you need for long term financial health and success.  No strings attached.  Ever.”   

Vernon Stading

Diamond Sponsor-Devoted Pawn Consulting


“The New Age Pawnshop Consultants”


Devoted Pawn Consulting was created to help Pawnshops and jewelry stores make more money, be more profitable and to help remove challenges like employee turnover, low company morale, and poor or outdated marketing and commission plans.  For years this industry has been changing and those in it need to change to be competitive and make the kind of money that these stores used to make. Our group of Pawnshop Consultants are experts at helping pawnbrokers like you make more money and be more successful because we take the best of what is unique and amazing in the pawn industry and add new tools, new training, systems, and processes while teaching you how to market and advertise your business differently than ever before. If  your pawnshop isn’t as profitable as it should be or used to be?  We can help!  Begin by taking our free online Pawn Health Check™ and get a glimpse of how much opportunity you have and how we can help you succeed!

Whether you have hired a pawnshop consultant before or not, we are confident that we can help improve your business.  We are so confident in that fact that we back it with a money back guarantee!