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It is well known in the past several years that banks do not love pawnshops and jewelry stores the way they used to.  In fact, it is not uncommon for pawnshops to get a call and be told that their lines of credit or financing will no longer be renewed.  They do not like to lend on our inventory or fixtures any more, and credit companies like Capital One have cut us off and there are very few if any “alternative” options.  That is why we are excited to be one of the sponsors of the Pawn Advisory Conference 2020!  We will work tirelessly to find the right lending deals for your business!

Scott Kranz Bio

I have over 30+ years of retail management experience at all levels of leadership so I know how important more cash flow and having a good lender can be to the success in your business. I also know how bad it can be to have your bank give up on you and move on.  Since, I have moved into the financial sector and offer an amazing portfolio of loan solutions starting with SBA 504 and 7a, working capital loans, short term loans, commercial real estate loans, investor real estate loans, rental property, and more.  I do the shopping of the loan for you so you can do what you do best,  run your business!  

Contact information:

Scott A. Kranz

Commercial Finance Consultant

Cell: 515-302-1073


Check out our website at https://legendarycapitalsolutions.com/