Steve Stallcup - Event Organizer

Steve Stallcup has expertise at various levels of the pawn shop industry. Mr. Stallcup is experienced in valuing and structuring pawn acquisition transactions, as well as advising on operational enhancements for turnaround candidates. Since 2009, Mr. Stallcup has been the CEO of Stallcup Group, Inc. His company focuses on pawn industry merger and acquisition activity. Since founding the company, Mr. Stallcup has transacted over $300 Million in merger and acquisition business solely in the pawn industry. Prior to founding Stallcup Group, Inc., he had a twenty-three-year career at Cash America International, Inc. holding key executive and operational positions. Some of his roles include VP of Mergers and Acquisitions, VP of Operations, and VP of Training and Communications.

Contact information

Office: 817-479-3880