Vernon Stading - Pawn Consultant

Vernon Stading- Pawnbroker Training to Grow Your Loan Balance & Service Charges

Vernon Stading, the Founder of Devoted Pawn Consulting, is an expert at helping pawnshops and jewelry stores make more money, grow their loan balances, and increases sales.  His Trademarked and famous Pawn Process™ Training allows their average clients to see increases of 30% in loan balances, interest/service charges, and retail sales. 

The Pawnbroker Presentation

As you know, growing the pawn balance is not as easy as it used to be.  The customer base seems to be smaller that it used to be the customers are more “educated” than ever on what their merchandise is “worth”.  Both things are not in our favor, but we will show you that you actually control your destiny in this area.  You can still see increases of 20-30% or higher without spending any money at all! 

How Much Do You Need- This is always a touchy subject because the customer is always going to ask for the “maximum amount” or “how much can you give me” because in this industry we or our competitors have conditioned our customers to expect the low ball offer or that we will pay more if they do a loan(or sometimes sell).  We will teach you how to break this cycle with the customers because the days of loaning the maximum amount to them in the hopes of getting the most interest paid just does not work anymore with the savvy marketplace.  In conjunction, we will train you and your team how qualify the loan better and differently and to come up with a offer that allows for maximum services charges, pick ups and profitability upon default.  You can win every transaction without breaking the bank and upsetting your customers.  You will also learn how to get the customers to take an offer lower than they want without walking out as well as getting them to bring in things that we actually want  them to loan on instead of what they see as “valuable”.

Win Each and Every Transaction- Winning each transaction is the key to being profitable in this new age of pawnshop operations.  This industry has changed more in the past 10 years that it did in the last 100 prior.  The days of loaning the maximum amount has burned out a certain segment of the customer base and made it impossible for them to redeem their items.  It also opened the door for competition to move in.   This is especially true in the higher interest states. This coupled with the world wide web at everyone fingertips has been detrimental to our business.  We will teach you and your team to win each and every transaction even if you and the customer are far apart on price.  It is very common for our clients to see increases of pawn book of 20-50% in the first 90 days!   We will show you how as well as teach you how to collect even more interest and service charges on those new and existing loans.

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