10 Reasons to Attend Pawn Advisory Conference 2020

There are dozens of reasons to attend the Pawn Advisory Conference so we, with the help of many registered attendees, we came up with the top 10!

10.  There is no other event like it in the world in 2020!
9.  Real meals served with drinks included. No hors d’oeuvres masquerading as dinner.
8.  No sales pitches to you from the speakers. Only Education and presentations.
7.  No exhibit hall that has as many vendors as attendees, all who are trying to sell you!
6.  Dozens of pawnbrokers from 2019 Re-registered for PAC 2020. Check out their testimonials!
5.  You can still sell your diamonds onsite to Bluestone Trading Company!
4.  The best beach in America! This place is paradise!
3.  Dinner Yacht sunset cruise is included in your registration fee!
2.  The best speaker lineup and most unique format in the industry for 2020.
1.  The Registration fee is for you and your team not just one person!


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