Presenter Jack Brown Mid States

The Pawn Advisory Conference is so excited for this presentation!  If you thought you knew everything about refining, guess again.    Jack Brown, Co-Owner and Operations Manager of Mid-States Recycling and Refining will provide a detailed explanation of what happens inside a Precious Metal Refinery.  He explains the science of  the process from start to finish and provides the audience with a firm understanding of the “red flags” that can affect the yields from their Karat Gold and Silver materials.  Through this in-depth video tour you will gain a firm understanding of “proper industry practices” for melting, sampling, analytical processes and the appropriate reporting of final a settlement.  You will also be invited to a fascinating look and explanation into the wet chemical process of how the diamond and gemstone recovery process works.  Frequently referred to by some of the most influential Pawnbrokers as “the most educational presentation on Precious Metal Refining they’ve ever seen” this is a presentation you should not miss.

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